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Restore, Repair, and Regenerate.

Discover a groundbreaking treatment approach to diabetes care – Physiologic Insulin Resensitization™ – where insulin is administered as a hormone rather than a drug, addressing the primary cause of diabetes – metabolic failure.


Restore, Repair, and Regenerate.

PIR Therapy is a groundbreaking approach designed to address the primary cause of metabolic disorders instead of only suppressing symptoms.

We use insulin as a hormone rather than a drug.

It’s FDA Cleared AND Covered by Most Major Insurance Carriers.


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Advanced Regenerative Health
Centers provides a unique and groundbreaking patented approach called Physiologic Insulin Resensitization™ where insulin is administered as a hormone rather than a drug. By utilizing insulin in a manner that bio-mimics normal physiology, this modality is designed to reduce insulin resistance which helps blood sugar more readily enter each cell and be converted into energy. Increasing cellular energy allows damaged tissues and organs to grow, repair, and regenerate. Thus, our approach not only stabilizes but in many instances has reversed complications of diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

Reduce insulin resistance


Increase the amount of blood sugar entering the cell


Increase the conversion of sugar into energy

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This Revolutionary Treatment Has Been Shown To:


  • Eliminate or Significantly Improve Neuropathy 95% 95%
  • Improve at Least One Diabetic Complication 76% 76%
  • Reduce Reported HbA1c 63% 63%
  • Reduce the Need for at Least One Medication 41% 41%

Schull Institute Study Insulin Infusion Therapy on Diabetic Complications (Oct 27, 2015) Retrospective, observational study (n=60)


We Treat Diabetes At The Source

Increase Energy

Reduce Need for Medications


Lower A1c


Reduce Insulin doses


Reduce Symptoms from Painful Neuropathy


Promote Weight Loss


Reduce Inflammation


Provide A More Active Life!


Provide REAL, research-backed diabetes symptom reduction

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What Causes Diabetes?

The Root Cause of Diabetic Complications

Diabetes is a growing global problem that is currently on the rise. Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a chronic condition that results from aberrant B-cell function coupled with progressive insulin resistance. The majority of Type 2 diabetic patients develop diabetic neuropathy, which can lead to devastating complications (i.e., infection, ulceration, osteomyelitis, & amputation). The proinflammatory state of diabetes, along with prolonged hyperglycemia, damages peripheral nerves (most common in the lower extremities).

Additionally, compromised wound healing exacerbates the risk when skin breakdown occurs in the diabetic population. To overcome these risks for T2D, PIR Therapy has been used as a novel protocol to treat patients with severe neuropathy symptoms. In our case study, we present two patients who initially experienced a loss of sensation in their extremities and decreased wound healing. Using PIR treatment, we demonstrate that both patients experienced neuropathy reversal and improved wound healing.


of Diabetics Have Neuropathy Pain


10% of Total Medical Cost in USA. 


88 Million+


Are Pre-Diabetic

Diabetes and the associated complications affect over 34 million Americans, and an additional 88 million Americans are prediabetic. In 2019, diabetes caused $476 billion in health care expenditures, which represented 10% of the total medical costs for adults in America. Traditional treatment has primarily focused on changes in lifestyle and the management of symptoms; neither approach addresses the root cause of diabetes, metabolic failure.

How Does it Work?

Simple In-Office Treatment

1 X per week


A patient’s unique care plan typically includes an “Induction Phase” of weekly infusions, which is then reduced in frequency as improvements are realized for approximately 90 days.

Next, the “Maintenance Phase” finds the balance between developing an optimized metabolism and maximizing the time between treatments. Visits typically start with three hours, and patients are free to move around during the process (read, work, watch TV, etc.). As patients improve, the time between visits is extended while visit duration is reduced. A two to three-hour visit about every four to six weeks is common.

We make it an easy and relaxing experience.

  • 2-3 Hour IV Infusion Therapy
  • Comfortable Recliner Chairs
  • Blankets and Diabetic Appropriate Snacks
  • iPad Use for Entertainment
  • TV Screen to Watch Favorite Show or Movie
  • Socialize with New Friends

We can help…

“I have so much more energy!  I haven’t seen my podiatrist in several months because I feel so well.  I have lost 71 lbs!”

“The most important benefit is that I am alive here today.  These treatments have given me a 2nd life!”

Benefits of Physiologic PIR Therapy


No More Debilitating Fatigue

Stop the Burning & Tingling Neuropathy

No More Fear & Frustration

No More Tossing and Turning In Pain All Night

Stop Waking Up Thinking About Your Diabetes Symptoms

Stop Ignoring the Symptoms

Reduce Need for Medication

Don’t Settle for Typical Pain Management

Stop Worrying About Disease Progression

No More Wasted Days

No More Blurred Vision and Squinting


Wake Up with More Energy


Lower Your A1c by up to 61%


Reduce Need for Medication


Get Back to Doing What You Want


Reduce Painful Neuropathy Symptoms


Potentially Lower the Dosing of Subcutaneous Insulin


Lose Weight


Simple In Office Procedure 1 X per week


Feel Like Your Old Self Again


Get Active & Moving Without Pain


Get to the Root Cause of Your Inflammation

It’s all in the science!

Published Articles and Studies about PIR Therapy

There are a number of studies on the benefits of PIR Therapy that highlight the efficacy of the treatment.  The development of PIR Therapy uses precision dosing patterns of insulin that is consistent with normal hormone secretion and closely resembles the body’s natural signaling pathway.

As the patient’s insulin resistance improves, healthcare providers can titrate other medications to optimize treatment regimens further. PIR permits the ability to lower the dosing of subcutaneous insulin and other diabetic medications.

  • Reduce insulin resistance. 
  • Increase the amount of blood sugar entering the cell.
  • Increases the conversion of sugar into energy.

Getting Started…

Is this treatment covered by insurance?


1st Step: Our healthcare provider will work with you to determine whether PIR Therapy may be right for you. They will be able to determine medical necessity and whether you qualify for treatment.

Next, we can help you to see if it is covered by your insurance plan.

This treatment is typically covered by most insurance plans. Benefits will be checked and confirmation of coverage will be done before any treatment begins. 

Don’t Give Up Hope


“Every single person working there, is there for the benefit of the patient, appreciates the patients, and works diligently to provide them with the very best care.”

Stephen K.

PIR Patient

Getting to the Root Cause of:




Kidney Disease


Peripheral Neuropathy


Liver Damage










Fatty Liver


Weight Gain/Loss


Wound Infections

There is Hope

(PIR) Succeeds Where Other Treatment Methods Fail

How does the process work?

Every patient’s degree of insulin resistance and ability to metabolize carbohydrates is unique, so we begin with a consultation to determine medical necessity and establish an individualized care plan. The patient’s unique care plan typically includes an “Induction Phase” of weekly infusions, which is then reduced

in frequency as improvements are realized for approximately 90 days.

No one else experiences your exact symptoms — so you need a treatment plan that’s unique to you.


For people living with any of these frustrating diabetic symptoms, our Customized Care Plans are the best solution to finally help address your diabetic symptoms which may help you to regain energy, improve Neuropathy symptoms, lower your A1c and build your confidence that the treatment is working.

At the core of our plan is a series of treatments in our office using leading edge FDA Cleared technology.  Your care plan is completely customized to your specific conditions and needs.  There are no cookie cutter treatments here!

Our modern therapy is safe, gentle, and non-invasive.  A simple in-office procedure can improve circulation, aid in healing tissue, reduce swelling, and relieve your pain and get you back into feeling like your old self again.

Our treatments are used by thousands of healthcare practitioners across the globe.

Top 6 Benefits Of Our Unique,
Groundbreaking Treatment Approach:

We are amazed every day by the success our patients are experiencing! Our unique protocol for diabetes treatment has enabled our patients to reduce or even eliminate most of their life-altering diabetic symptoms of the worst kind. Our patients report the following top 6 benefits from our PIR treatment.

1. Have More Energy

Improving your resistance to insulin and getting your body back into balance can quickly reduce a lot of your most frustrating symptoms. But the most notable is the return of your energy. You will be able to turn glucose into energy again! This will revitalize your life and put that pep back into your step. Imagine waking up with extra energy to take on the day and give you what you need to thrive and feel your absolute best.

2. Improve Your Mobility

There is nothing worse than being unable to get around. Having to ask for help, use a walker, or even a wheelchair. Diabetes can cause Chronic Nerve or Neuropathy pain, and this can impact your ability to drive, go for healthy walks, and do the things you love like playing golf or spending time in the garden. Restore your ability to walk around and feel free to do whatever you want. Don’t waste another day living with diabetic pain.

3. Reduce the Amount of Medications You Need

Imagine no more waiting in line at the pharmacy. No more days feeling “out of it” or constipated and tired from the medication you have to take. Our patients are experiencing fast and long- lasting relief from a lot of their most troubling diabetic symptoms. You may be able to lower the amount of insulin that is needed to regulate your blood sugar. In fact, some of our patients have completely eliminated the need for ongoing insulin maintenance. Reduced daily injections! Go ahead and plan that next vacation without worrying about whether or not you will have fun because of your diabetic symptoms.

4. Regain Your Ability to Exercise

We all know how important it is to exercise on a regular basis, something that is very difficult to do with chronic diabetes. We get it. It’s hard enough to stay motivated to exercise without the pain. After your treatment with us you should be able to start exercising again. Go on long walks, play ball, maybe get back out there on the golf course. Without pain, you can finally get back to do the things you love!

5. Improve Your Quality of Life

We all understand that we have a limited amount of time here on Earth. How valuable is your time? How much is a day worth to you? Living with frustrating diabetic symptoms including pain can feel as though you are not really “living” a life at all. You are frustrated, grumpy, and just plain worn-out from feeling terrible all the time. After PIR treatments, patients report having an increased feeling of vitality and aliveness. How would your life be different if you didn’t have to live with your symptoms? We can’t wait for you to find out!

6. Healing of Wounds

One of the most frustrating symptoms of diabetes is the inability for your body to heal wounds. Foot ulcers, cuts, scrapes and even burns can be extremely troubling for people with diabetes. The good news is that, with PIR, we have seen a dramatic increase in the ability for our patients’ wounds to heal. Combine this with special healing patches, and wounds that haven’t been able to heal can finally heal, and you can get back into normal life without worrying about the open wound. This is one of the most valuable benefits of PIR.

“It has changed my life”

Hear Gordon’s Story…

“My A1C has gone from 7.2 to 6.3, I’ve lost 30 pounds, I have more energy, I’m doing a lot more than I was before because I was always so tired…”

These stories are not unique to Gordon!  Our patients are experiencing success and relief from the symptoms of diabetes, and so can you!

This Stuff Works

Diabetes Relief is in Reach with PIR Therapy

1. Initial Consultation

Meet with a provider to discuss your specific condition and healthcare goals.

2. Personalized Plan

We’ll develop an individualized care plan for your unique situation.

3. Begin Treatment

Regain control of your health with our innovative treatments.

4. Track Progress

We’ll closely monitor your results, consult with your primary physician, and adjust the plan as needed.

Our Story

We are different…

Advanced Regenerative Health in Centennial, CO believes that outstanding medical care:

    • Begins with a compassionate approach.
    • Utilizes technologically advanced proven therapies.
    • Provides long term results with enhanced Quality of Life outcomes.

    We use a patented proven treatment that addresses the root cause of diabetes. Additionally managing peripheral issues like wound care and vein care, enhance the patient experience with the most advanced techniques to achieve our goal of “Increased Quality of Life”. We recognize that each patient is unique, which is why we invest time in getting to know you and crafting a personalized treatment plan tailored to you specifically. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the optimum care throughout your journey towards improved health.
    Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discover how we can help you achieve optimal health and wellness.


Patients Treated

We are highly-trained and experienced in neuropathy pain relief.


Natural and Non-Invasive Pain Procedures

Every patient is different, so we like to have options to choose from.


Years In Practice

We are honored to have served the Centennial area for many years!


What our patients are saying about us.

Patricia H.

“It’s still early on in my treatment but I am beginning to have results and that is very exciting for me. I’ve had such nerve pain for so long that any progress is a huge relief. I’m excited to see results as I get further into the program. The staff is terrific and very caring.”

Ross G.

“My feet hurt so bad I would cry at night from burning and itching. After just 2 treatments I no longer had the burning itching. I was able to walk thru the grocery store with out hurting. I love this treatment. I recommend it to anyone with feet pain. All the staff are wonderful.”

Samual C.

“I highly recommended this clinic for those who want to receive excellent care. From the second I walked through that door, It felt like I was being taken care for. From the front office to the back office, you guys are amazing at what you do, all of you.  Thank you!”

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Success Stories

Listen to what patients are saying…

We are very proud of the success stories we are able to share with you.  Don’t take our word for it; listen to the life-changing benefits patients are experiencing from our treatments!

“Yeah, when I am done my feet feel better for sure. It always feels a little bit better. I rated a 2 in pain after my treatment today. I would recommend trying this.”


“I have flexibility in my toes. The biggest impact has been on the cramping in my lower extremities at night.”
“After the very first treatment, when I drove home, my feet felt peaceful. The burning and tingling and sensations are gone. I look forward to the treatments!”

“The pain that I was having were like needles, sharp needles.  Terrible pain. It’s amazing how much pain is gone.”


“I just knew my feet weren’t right. When I first stepped in here my pain was a 10 or more.  I’m telling you it helps.  It helps so much!”
“After the very first treatment, I got a few minutes of relief!  I can walk, I got my life back!”
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